Comprehensive App Slots Gaming Guide

So you’re interested in playing a slot game that caught your eye, the one with most exciting bonus features, or the one with cute sounding name. Now what would be your next step?

App Slots Features


What all features you should look for when you you’re getting to grips with a free slots game? Follow this simple guide so that you’re comfortable when you start playing:
tombraider1Before playing any game, it’s important to look for a review. Learn all about the slot game, as this will save you cash and time that you’d otherwise waste on lousy games. First you should locate the spin button. Mostly, spin and bet max buttons are right next to each other and in some games they look similar. Once you know which of these is a spin button, you are ready to play the game.



The play table is an important part of any online slots game, but is usually not visible during the play. Therefore, you should check beforehand. This pay-table shows all the symbols of the game reels and also states the number of matching symbols that you should wind. For some slot games, it’s important to get the matching symbol across the pay-line, and for others, you should get them on a certain combination of feels.


Slots Pay-lines


The early slot machines (land based) has just one pay line-straight across the middle. Here if the player has identical symbol in the middle position from left to right, then he would have a winning combination. So the slot machine paid out. The value of these identical symbols determined the amount of money you could win.

These days, things are slightly different, and complex. Although many online slot games still have one pay line, but it’s much more common that some of them may have a lot more. It’s not unusual for some games to have even 25 pay-lines. Some may have even more, which allows players to win free slots in thousands of ways.

All these online games are not a farce and most of them genuinely do have several ways to win. On some online gambling sites, there is win-both-ways system, which allows you to claim your prize of three or more symbols that occur on the pay line starting from right to left. This is in addition to usual left to right.

Sometimes certain number of correct symbols on the consecutive reels can also award a win when a special feature is activated by the player. In these slot games, there are higher chances of winnig, and if one bet’s carefully, it’s possible to get a massive payout.

Customizing your slots game


In slot games that feature multiple pay-lines, you get an opportunity to choose which of these pay lines you’d want to keep active during play. This means, a certain slot game may have 25 pay-lines on offer, but you may want to play only with five of them active. On most online gambling sites, there is a “line options” button that highlights the lines individually once you press it.

Once you set your bet-per-line, it’s important to decide how many pay-lines you would like to keep open. Usually, it’s best to keep your bet low and keep as many pay-lines open as is possible to maximize your bet spread. It’s important to keep eyes on the lines because it’s easy to forget how many of them are open when your wins start coming in.

tombraiderII-5Understanding your slots bet


When playing any slots game, it’s important to consider what you‘re betting on and how much you are betting. This will depend on the way your chosen game operates the bets but it always has two systems.

Overall Bet


Instead of few smaller bets, here you will bet a single amount upfront. This system is implemented in slot games without any pay-lines. These games have fixed ways to win and will pay out when you get two or three identical symbols on consecutive reels.

Few slot games that use overall bet system:

• Da Vinci’s Diamonds
• Bejewlled
• Garden Party

Pay-Line Bet


This is the standard system which is used in most slot games for placing bets. Any game that uses this system will have pay-lines that will determine whether you’ve won or not.

Few slot games that use pay-line bet system:

• Monopoly
• Cats
• The Incredible Hulk



App Slots Bonus Features


Most online free slots games offer some bonus that will allow players to win larger amount. This comes in several forms but there are few features that come up in most slot game’s bonuses.


‘Click Me’

Here you’ll be asked to click on some symbols and each will reveal either a multiplier, free spins, cash, or the “collect” symbol.

tombraiderII-3Free Spins


Sometimes bonus rounds will yield a certain amount of free spins. This way, you can play the slot game as normal but without placing your bet on certain amounts of turns. This allows players to win money without investing anything.



tombraiderII-2Unique app slots bonus rounds


Every slot games has its own set of rewards and bonus rounds. Each game has a bonus round where you will know all about the rules that will apply.



An auto-play feature spins the reels for player instead of requiring him or her to perform the onerous task of pushing the button. With auto-plays, you can pre-set values between five and 1000 spins. This feature is useful if you want to spend large amount of money.

Advanced Slots


tombraiderII-1In games with certain advanced features, you can pre-set the number of spins and can also tell the game when to stop. These features may vary from game to game.

Bet Max feature


The “Bet Max” feature is sometimes available on some slot games. This allows you to spin reels with maximum amount of open pay-lines and highest bet available on each of these lines. If you prefer playing with fairly low bets, this is the best way to go.

Progressive jackpots


These jackpots are available for just few slot games, but can provide you with biggest wins possible. In this, payers pool their bets into one single, shared jackpot that would continue to increase until it’s won by someone. The best way to win progressive jackpot is to identify the least likely outcome. This could be reaching the final level of bonus stage, or five-in-a-row of the rarest symbol.